Top 10 Women in Tech in Poland To Watch / Top 10 Kobiet w Technologii w Polsce Wartych Obserwowania

It’s been a tradition that all chapters of Girls In Tech around the world present their annual choice of top 10 Women in Tech to watch – these ones who keep inspiring other women to try harder and dream higher. We decided to publish this article entirely in English (apart from translating the title) since our findings will be circulated in the other Girls in Tech chapters internationally.
It’s been extremely hard to pick the top 10 female figures in Polish tech ecosystem, since there are many wonderful rising stars who deserve no less attention than the women highlighted below.
As Walter Elias once said: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. So good luck in your endeavours and stay strong!
Congratulations to our top 10 women!

Malgorzata Jasnoch1. Małgorzata Jasnoch @m_jasnoch

Since 2005 holding position as a chairman of the Board of Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation, in the same team working as CEO of the Incubator STARTER – one of the most rapidly growing incubator for young, innovative companies in Pomerania. Malgorzata Jasnoch specializes in supporting innovative start-ups, connecting people, businesses, and creative ideas, management of international relations and building long-term strategies for business ecosystems. She is a judge in many competitions for startups, initiated a huge amount of events and programs for the Tri-City business community. Works with Washington Business Association in the development of educational programs for young people – Gdańsk Business Week and the world of local and international business to foster business education of children. Previously involved in the clothing industry, she managed several product lines of Diverse and Orsay brands.

olga malinkiewicz2. Olga Malinkiewicz
 The founder of Saule Technologies, Olga Malinkiewicz, is Polish scientist who has contributed to the development of low-temperature technology of flexible perovskite-based photovoltaic cells production. Olga’s discovery, made at the University of Valencia, has changed photovoltaics for good.
The technique patented by the Polish scientist at the University of Valencia is much more universal than other methods developed by eminent scientists recognised worldwide. For her discovery, Olga Malinkiewicz was granted the prestigious Photonics21 award in a competition organised by the European Commission.

Eliza Kruczkowska
3. Eliza Kruczkowska @eliza_k

Eliza Kruczkowska, CEO of Startup Poland, a grassroots organization with the goal to help build better conditions for Polish startups by influencing policy-makers, educators, academics and the media.

Prior to her present position Eliza has worked for both, the ICT (Huawei, Mozilla) and NGO sector (ePaństwo Foundation including Code for Poland project). Thanks to her work with Jan Rokita, a prominent member of the Polish parliament, Eliza has experience and practical knowledge of how the legislative process works. She has also lived and worked abroad in Madrid (Internet Advantage), London (Evening Standard) and Munich (Lewis PR).

 Agnieszka Oleszczuk-Widawska4. Agnieszka Oleszczuk – Widawska @maja1308
Agnieszka is a co-founder of – event management and ticketing system, which was awarded with local startup ecosystem prize „Auler 2011“ for the best Polish startup of the year. Last two years she spent managing The Founder Institute Warsaw. Agnieszka is also co-organizer of Lubcamp and Aula Polska Lublin – Polish startup barcamps. Mentor, lecturer and speaker at many New Technology related events.

agnieszka nieradka5. Agnieszka Nieradka @AgNieradka

Agnieszka is a founder and owner of Pluszektorium that offers plush toys in shape of…. human organs! She is also a founder of WETFLOW, a brand of watersports wetsuit ready to be self-designed by customers. Creativity and determination are words, which match Agnieszka very well. With her experience and passion for new businesses, she supports startups in their early stages of growth – within brand identity creation, targeting and niche identification. She gave prelections during the Social Media Thursdays and numerous workshops dedicated to entrepreneurs. Her name is put behind the Young Entrepreneur Campaign. She is an adrenaline junkie and a big fan of new challenges.

Zuzanna Stanska

6. Zuzanna Stanska @zstanska

Zuzanna Stańska runs a creative consultancy for cultural institutions and museums that allows visitors to interact with the art on display via a mobile app.
She is also the creator of another app, DailyArt, which gives the user a chance to learn about one art masterpiece a day. Her motto: “You can live without art, but what kind of life would it be?”

joanna jurek7. Joanna Jurek 

Joanna Jurek, 18, is the author of a non-invasive method of drug delivery to tumour cells used for cancer treatment.
In the young Polish researcher’s model, molecules of doxorubicin (a drug used in cancer chemotherapy) are attached to nanoparticles of gold, which are used as carriers. The compound is then placed in nanofibres used to sew up surgical wounds following tumour resections. The bond between the carrier and the drug can only be broken by enzymes produced by tumour cells, allowing for targeted and gradual release of the drug into the system. This limits the risk of cancer progression and mitigates adverse effects of doxorubicin.

Ms Jurek started developing her project 2 years ago during a summer fellowship at the University of Warsaw. It came to fame when she won a prize in the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair competition for young scientists.

Patrycja Wegrzynowicz8. Patrycja Wegrzynowicz @yonlabs

Patrycja is a software visionary and expert specialized in automated software engineering and Java technologies. She is the founder and CTO of Yonita, Inc., a California-based start-up focused on automated detection and refactoring of software defects, including security vulnerabilities, performance and concurrency anti-patterns, and database issues. She is a regular speaker at major academic as well as industrial conferences, including JavaOne, Devoxx, JavaZone, OOPSLA, ASE, and others.

Edyta Kocyk9. Edyta Kocyk  |

Edyta is a co-founder of SiDLY, a company involved in the construction of innovative telecare devices. Edyta is a PhD student at the College of Economic Analysis School of Economics, also graduated from Faculty of Military Cybernetics at the University of Warsaw, the European Academy of Diplomancy. She has received a highly prestigious scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Rector of the Military Technical Academy, Rector of Szkola Glowna Handlowa.
For her achievements, she received approx. 30 awards at the national and international level. Author of several articles on Information Management support Enterprise Architecture. Practtioner in the area Organisational Management. Shee has the expertise in the implementation of projects in Agile, Prince2, standards for developing business and system requirements for created solutions.

Bianka Siwinska10. Bianka Siwinska @Siwbianka

Executive Director in PERSPEKTYWY Education Foundation. PERSPEKTYWY plays an important role actively promoting participation of women in STEM field, quality of higher education, and serves as a think tank in the field of internationalization of higher education and gender equality. From 2008 I have a pleasure to serve as an author and coordinator of Polish national campaigns “Girls as Engineers!” and “Girls to STEM!”. I am head of the research project “Women’s potential for the technological industry.

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